Mr Charles Brown


Mr. Charles Brown granted WRAL-TV an incredibly shocking interview today which tells the ‘other’ side of the scholarship debacle that occurred earlier this year with Tashni Dubroy. (click HERE to read the story)

The interview (which you can watch below) uncovers the truth about what really happened, how Mr. Brown was unfairly suspended¬†and tells a lot about the integrity of Shaw’s new leader.

This culture of intimidation has existed at Shaw University for YEARS – and we refuse to allow this to continue to happen.

We applaud Mr. Brown for standing up for the students and most importantly, for not being afraid to reveal the truth.

As a result of Dr. Dubroy’s actions, Shaw lost 23 students and she has put OUR university in serious jeopardy with SACS.

When students asked her why they weren’t informed in a timely fashion about scholarship money, she blatantly lied. She actually threatened to fire Mr.Brown if he attempted to contact students.

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Mr. Brown would like an apology. . . .but we, the FRIENDS OF SHAW demand her immediate resignation. She lied to students and to the public about this entire situation.

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