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Two weeks, before band camp is scheduled to begin, Shaw University students have noticed a change on their class schedules.   Although many students pre registered for marching band, concert band and jazz bands for the Fall 2016 semester, those classes no longer appear on their schedules.  This sudden occurrence happened with no explanation from administration.

Supporters of Brown asked students on Facebook about their 2016-2017 schedule. Band has been purged.

The dismantling of the band program began last year when Dr. Dubroy drastically reduced band scholarships for the 2015-2016 year. She neglected to inform students of a “reallocation” in a timely fashion, causing some students to transfer or withdraw their admission.

In spite of the baseless suspension, public character assassination, followed by a costly investigation which cleared Mr. Brown of any wrongdoing, the music department had a very successful year. The marching band was  voted #1 in the CIAA conference.

This years budget for band scholarships were not approved until June 3rd, giving Mr. Brown no time to recruit new students for the 2016-2017 academic year. To add salt to that wound, the budget has been cut over 50% from last year and doesn’t include any funding for incoming freshman.

As of yesterday, students started to notice that band has been totally removed from their schedules. According to the department of academic affairs, “…band will no longer fall under the auspices of Academic Affairs. There will no longer be a credit offered for marching band (or ANY bands), choir or theatre. These former classes will all be considered extra-cirricular activities.”

Although band has been removed from student schedules, at the time this post was written, students have not been officially notified by the university. Again, band camp starts in 2 weeks.

In an effort to help those students who have questions or concerns about this abrupt change, we suggest that you contact any/all of the following individuals:

Dr. Tashni Ann Dubroy – President – – 919-546-8300

Dr. Paulette Dillard – VP for Academic Affairs – – 919-546-8595

Jody Hamilton – Registrar- – 919-546-8416

  • Will band camp still begin on July 31?
  • I’m a music major & performance courses are mandatory to obtain my degree. How can this be achieved if band and choir are no longer course offerings?
  • Will this abrupt change violate any rules of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges or the affect the accreditation of Shaw University?
  • Will the removal of these courses change my status as a student (full time vs. part time); will part time students be allowed to reside on campus because of these sudden changes, which are no fault of our own?
  • Will this change affect my financial aid package?
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