The TASHNI Turnover At Shaw University

Icon-ExitAccording to an archived version of the university website, more than twenty-five  faculty and staff have left Shaw University over the last 12 months. One former employee stated, “…the high turnover rate is due to unexplained terminations, sudden resignations, a chaotic environment and a “climate of fear”.

One member of the Board of Trustees told The Friends of Shaw, “There are several board members who are unaware of Dubroy’s contract being solidified and extended beyond her initial one year deal. Her lack of leadership leaves students and faculty with a sense of uncertainty. She does not advocate for them at all.”

Here is a partial summation of the Tashni Turnovers:

Interim Dean of the Shaw University Divinity School – A Shaw Alum and former member of the Board of Trustees who was considered to head the divinity school. [GONE]

Transportation Manager – A Shaw Alum who worked at the university for nearly 38 years. [GONE]

Former Interim Shaw President – After a brief sabbatical, individual was not allowed to return. [GONE]

WSHA Employees – Two individuals who collectively have been at Shaw for nearly 45 years have been terminated. One of those individuals was a Shaw alum. [GONE]

Professors – Several instructors were notified recently that their status had been reduced from FULL TIME to ADJUNCT.  One instructor noted that their salary had been cut by $20,000. Another states their salary would be reduced to $5,000 per semester. Medical benefits of those affected have been abruptly discontinued.

Financial Aid Counselors – We can confirm that at least 2 counselors were terminated. The Director of Financial Aid resigned. [GONE]

Upper Level Administration – One particular individual left their position at a reputable HBCU to work at Shaw as a Vice President…only to be fired less than 6 months of employment. [GONE]

Another staff member- A Shaw Alum was seriously injured on the job, took a brief medical leave and was terminated without cause. They have since sued the university for wrongful termination and won. [GONE]

The President’s Assistant didn’t stay in her position 6 months before she walked out the door. [GONE]

At the time we published this article, there were over 30 job postings at Shaw University via HigherEdJobs.Com.

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NOTE: Men’s and Women’s soccer have been added to Shaw Athletics. A soccer coach has been hired, the track coach (another Shaw alum) has been demoted and ANOTHER coach/salary has been added. However, last year, before Dr. Dubroy technically took office, she drastically reduced the amount of music scholarships, putting some of Shaw’s most talented students in a financial bind two weeks before school started. There have been additional cuts to the music program.

Our reason for great concern? Because WE ARE SHAW UNIVERSITY.

High turnover can be debilitating to both staff and students

High turnover could prevent Shaw’s ability to attract top notch faculty and students

High turnover could reduce performance level of faculty & staff

High turnover could negatively impact Shaw’s financial health

High turnover could cause irreversible low morale

Shaw University deserves better.

If you are:

  • a current, former member of Shaw’s faculty or staff
  • a recent grad or current student
  • a parent of a Shaw student (past or present)

and you would like to submit a comment about the current state at Shaw University (anonymous or otherwise) – send us an e-mail at: