Gary ColemanHave you heard? Amid the current climate of black folk and police nationwide, President Tashni Dubroy recently came up with the stupid  idea to invite and publicize the possibility of a Raleigh PD substation on Shaw University campus. Just in case you didn’t know, Shaw University has had campus police for decades, providing a variety of public services including emergency medical assistance, investigating suspicious circumstances, and responding to and investigating criminal matters. Patrols are conducted throughout the Shaw community 24 hours a day.  When we were in school, the police chief affectionately known as “CHIEF” knew us all by name.  To get caught up, read the following links:

Now, take a deep breath and prepare to read this scathing e-mail that we received from a very reliable source. This communication was written by a board member who happens to be on the executive committee.  How much longer will our board remain silent about the havoc that Dr. Dubroy is causing?  The long-term implications of the absence of qualified leadership will be the death of Shaw University. A conversation with concerned alumni is past due.  It’s time for a serious reality check. There’s no amount of chicken dinners alumni can sell in order to save our school from its demise.




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