At most university’s students qualify for scholarship’s because they are high academic achievers or really good at sports. Students who participate in university bands and other activities that provide a service to a university may qualify for a scholarship as well.

However, at Shaw University it appears that you can receive a scholarship simply by knowing Board of Trustee Chairman, Joseph Bell. Also it seems if you are from Bell’s hometown of Savannah, Georgia you’re guaranteed a free ride. Shaw has something called Trustee Scholarships, that are unfunded and Joe Bell appears to be the main trustee doling them out.

Considering tuition is more than $24,000 at Shaw, when students heard about the unfunded “Joe Bell Scholarships” that had no guidelines for its recipients, they decided to voice their concern. View the video below.



A blog was launched in May from a student (TroyThomas1906) which also voiced frustration about the unfunded “Joe Bell” scholarships. Click the image below to read the blog entry.

1906 Website


Click HERE to read a student’s letter, addressed to the Board of Trustees regarding unfunded “Joe Bell” scholarships and asking for the removal of Joseph Bell.

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