Before reading this article, we would like to acknowledge a few things:

Mr. Charles Brown, Director of Bands and a Shaw University Alumnus has given over 38 years of service to his alma mater.

Last year, his reputation was disgraced via local media and the internet by Shaw’s President, Tashni-Ann Dubroy when he was wrongly accused of “inappropriate behavior” after standing up for band students.

Shaw University spent almost $30,000 on a bogus investigation and Mr. Brown was found completely innocent.

Let that marinate, then proceed.

It was this time last year when appointed President, Dr. Tashni-Ann Dubroy, ambushed Shaw University’s Platinum Sound Marching Band by taking away scholarships Shaw’s administration had already approved. She used the media to adamantly talk of “reallocating” funds for academic scholars and stated all sports teams were receiving cuts. This was a lie. In actuality, the only program that suffered a major financial loss was the music department.

Dubroy used the media to claim students in the Platinum Sound Marching Band received tuition “discounts” of $7,500 and this created a budget hole at the university. What she didn’t say was these hard working students provide a service to Shaw University. In addition to performing at football and basketball games, some of them perform in other bands that perform at coronation, convocation and graduation.  What Dubroy didn’t say was tuition costs are more than $25,000 and even with the $7,500 SCHOLARSHIP, marching band students pay $18,000 in tuition to Shaw University. Therefore, having ONE HUNDRED students in the marching band generates $1.8 million for the university.  To reduce students scholarships to “discounts” is downright degrading.

Mr. Brown’s tireless efforts to recruit some of the most talented students in the country resulted in Platinum Sound being voted the #1 marching band in the CIAA for 2015-16. Nevertheless, funding for band scholarships have been reduced AGAIN. This is the second cut in the bands budget in less than one calendar year. There is NO scholarship money for incoming freshman. This additional depletion of funds will force the size of the marching band to drastically reduce. Dubroy’s actions have prevented Mr. Brown’s ability recruit and fund any new students. Additionally, this cut has also negatively impacted the size and quality of the marching band, decreased the University’s overall enrollment and has consequently reduced its revenue at a time when the financial climate is unfavorable. 

Luis Cortell - The newly hired soccer coach at Shaw University
Luis Cortell – The newly hired soccer coach at Shaw University

Furthermore, less than a year after using the media as a platform to claim she’s focusing on academic scholarships, Dubroy has quietly announced that Shaw University is starting male & female soccer teams.

A coach has been hired and international recruitment has begun. The first question is why soccer? Shaw University is in the CIAA and there’s only TWO schools in the CIAA that play soccer. How much money is being used for start-up soccer programs i.e. uniforms, equipment and coaches? Did the students want soccer? Are international soccer playing students coming to Shaw with full scholarships? Are foreign governments now funding foreign students to attend to Shaw? Is this why recruiters were fired? Where will they practice? Is there still a need to recruit Black students to attend HBCUs?

Shaw students once again have taken to social media to vent their frustration about Dubroy’s integrity, leadership skills and dishonesty. We have observed the hashtag, “#GetRidOfDubroy” on Facebook and Twitter.

Click the graphic below to read Dubroy’s Facebook post about building support for international students.

Dr. Dubroy shares her excitement about Shaw's new soccer program on social media
Dr. Dubroy shares her excitement about Shaw’s new soccer program on social media
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